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Serious Leg Injury Claim

A loss of mobility

Losing your mobility can affect your life more than you would think. When we suffer a serious accidental leg injury we quickly discover how difficult it is to perform the most basic tasks. Many things that you did unconsciously before suddenly become impossible, and you must relearn your way through the world.

Your serious leg injury claim

We often take our mobility for granted and rely on it throughout our daily routine, so a serious accidental leg injury can instantly change your life, work and finances. If you suffered the leg injury because of someone else’s negligence, you may be able to seek a claim for compensation. The financial payout can help meet your medical needs and pay the daily expenses during your absence from work.

The types of injuries

Our legs are bundles of bone, muscle and connective tissue like ligaments and nerves, so a serious accidental leg injury will usually involve a combination of the following:

  • Ligament injury - severing or pinching of muscles, tendons or nerves.
  • Laceration - cuts, punctures and lacerations of skin, tissue and bone.
  • Crushing injury - bone splintering, blood vessels haemorrhaging.
  • Fracture and dislocation - Snapping of the leg bones, or displacement at the joints.

These are especially common in motor vehicle accidents as the passengers’ legs are typically confined in a small area, making them vulnerable to being crushed in a collision. Rehabilitation can be a slow process, requiring them to adapt to modifications to their home, as well as mobility aids like crutches. In some cases, recovery may not even be possible.

Specialist leg injury claims solicitors

At CCH & Co., we’re experts at handling severe injury claims on behalf of our clients. Our many years of experience and extensive knowledge let us make the system work for you. We’ll explain how the claims process works and list all of the potential outcomes for you, letting you make fully informed decisions, and advise you on the options regarding how to fund your claim. Better still, all of this can be done over a cup of tea in the comfort of your own home – we prefer to meet our clients and talk to them face to face.

Once you’ve appointed us to represent you, your solicitor will take on your case from beginning to end. Call us for your free first consultation today.

Contact your leg injury solicitors today

If you’ve suffered a serious leg injury and are looking for an experienced, professional and qualified solicitor to represent you, give Romain Coleman a call today at 020 8520 1021 for your free enquiry.

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