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Serious Injury Claims

Serious injuries can happen anywhere, from inside a car to outside on the pavement, and the subsequent effects on your wellbeing are immensely varied. While you can hopefully recover from a serious injury, there are often lasting consequences on your physical health, not to mention your work and financial stability. Unfortunately, sometimes these effects can be devastating and permanent.

The most common types of serious injuries are:

The effects of serious injuries

The physical impact of such injuries can be far-reaching, with recuperation in many of these cases slow and financially exhausting. The price is often driven up by repeated medical procedures, expensive medication and round-the-clock care. Even after recovering, a person may require adaptations to their lifestyle in the form of mobility aids, guide dogs and disabled-friendly modifications in cars and homes. They also have to deal with lost wages, possibly being unable to ever return to work.

The psychological effects can be just as powerful. If you’ve lost a loved one in a fatal accident, you will be dealing with grief while struggling to financially cope with the medical expenses of your own injury. Things can be especially hard if the deceased was the breadwinner of the family.

While no amount of monetary compensation will alleviate your loss or reverse your injury, it can help you through the initial ordeal and allow you to achieve some degree of financial security, giving you space to start planning for what comes next.

What does the law say?

The law has specific legislation relating to fatal accidents known as the Fatal Accident Act 1976. It makes provisions for who can make a claim under the Act, how much compensation is paid, and the many other considerations that must be made in these circumstances, such as pension provisions and loss of earnings.

In serious accident claims, the process is similar to a standard personal injury claim, in that the compensation is calculated based on the perceived loss to the claimant. However, there are many more factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as the financial cost of any future care requirements, the cost of mobility aids, and any adaptations and specialist equipment needed. In addition, future loss of earnings, bonuses, overtime and pensions are all included in the calculation.

Serious injury claim awards are usually given as a lump sum payment with additional periodical payments made on a yearly basis, so there continues to be money available for your particular needs throughout your lifetime.

You will have to demonstrate that the accident would not have happened were it not for the negligence of the other party, be it another road user or your employer. If you were partially responsible for your injuries you will still be able to claim compensation, but the court will take the degree of your contributory negligence into consideration in awarding the sum of your compensatory claim.

How soon must I make a claim?

If you’ve suffered serious injuries in an accident you will have three years, starting from the date of your accident, to make a claim. In a fatal accident however, you will have three years from the date of death to make the compensation claim.

There are some exceptions to these rules, and thus it is vital that you protect your right to claim. At CCH & Co. our solicitors can offer critical advice that protects your claim from getting time barred, and take timely steps to safeguard your claim from lapsing.

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