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Personal Injury Claims Solicitors

Accidents that lead to a serious or catastrophic personal injury are more common than one would like to believe. Finding good personal injury solicitor or an accident claim solicitor as dedicated to pursuing your interests as CCH & Co., is a little less common.

Why turn a personal accident into a disaster.  Injuries from personal accidents happen on the road, at work, at home, with products you have bought, on holiday, in an airport, on a ferry, on a cruise ship, on a bus or a train, or when shopping in the high street. CCH & Co. has assisted many clients in pursuing serious injury claims resulting from accidents under all of these circumstances.

Our primary concern is to get the best possible result for you. We don't under-settling or rush injury claims to get paid quickly.

Accidents Leading To A Serious Personal Injury Claim

The most serious accidents are life-changing. As longstanding personal injury solicitors, we have considerable experience in dealing with catastrophic accidents and we understand the need above all for support and prompt action in such circumstances. Even what might be considered a minor accident, if such a thing exists, can have stressful and serious and distressing consequences and we are here to help.  We have experience in all levels of claim, including those involving the most serious injuries and, as seasoned personal injury solicitors, we are tough negotiators.

We will look after you

“People who are injured - a minor or major injury – it doesn’t matter, need support and help, and deserve a sympathetic person who listens for to them and then fights for their case”

Serious Personal Injury Solicitor: David Dolties

It is bad enough to be injured in an accident with all the consequences to follow from that without having a cold and unsympathetic solicitor who does not put your interests first and who sees you simply as another way to earn fees. CCH & Co. is completely different. We always put our client’s interests before our own.

We are open and honest and we do not build up excessive expectations at the commencement of the case and then fail to deliver.

We try always to see our clients personally even if it involves traveling because we see our clients as people with difficulties and in pain and not simply a source of fees.

The Accident Claim Process

If being seriously injured in an accident at work, on the public roads, or even when you are just minding your own business, is tough enough, so can deciding to make an actual claim.

There are lots to consider, some points to think about are:

  • Are you eligible to make an accident claim?
  • Where should you get help in making a claim?
  • What information is a personal injury claims solicitor going to need?
  • What's the process like and what should my expectations be for a positive outcome?

You can find out more about this on our Personal Injury Claims Process page.

We make sure you get the maximum for your injury claim

We recognise the potential for larger claims and see each of our clients as an individual with specific needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on being personal injury solicitors dedicated to your case, providing personal attention: we are not a claims factory and do not intend to become one. While small and personal, we can deal with large claims and have done so successfully - which many firms certainly cannot and do not do.

We have experience in dealing with all levels of claims and have considerable experience in the most serious claims, including claims involving what some people describe as catastrophic injuries.

While we maintain a sense of reality we have sufficient experience to recognise some claims are potentially much more serious than initially appear.

We don’t give up on your legal case

Many times a case looks hopeless - the other party denies responsibility. Witnesses seem to support them. Evidence is hard to find. We never give up and have won many cases for our clients by being determined to go the extra mile, dig deeper, question the obvious, and never take anyone’s word at face value. To us you are not just another case, we know that to you this is a unique and horrible event, you have had a bad experience and it is our job to ensure you get justice and fair compensation.

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So, if you or a family member have been involved in an accident that has led to a serious personal injury and need professional claims advice, call the expert personal injury solicitors at CCH & Co. - you don’t have to be in London either, we work all around the UK helping clients.

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Cartwright Cunningham Haselgrove & Co is a long-established firm. In 2022 we were proud to announce the acquisition of local personal injury specialists Romain Coleman Solicitors who were established in 1964.


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