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Personal Injury Claim Costs

What Costs Can I Expect When Making A Personal Injury Claim

The cost of making a personal injury claim will always be a concern for you if you are considering making a claim following an accident which wasn’t your fault.

There are a number of options open to you to fund your claim and to ensure that you are not exposed to any risk of facing a large legal bill if you lose.

Claims made through an online claims portal

Many personal injury claims are now processed by an online claims portal, with specific rules and time limits which both your solicitor and the insurance company you are claiming from have to adhere to. This should speed up the claims process, providing that you recover from your injuries as expected and that you suffer no long term effects. In these circumstances, your claim cannot be settled until the outcome of your injuries can be determined.

If your injuries are serious, then it is unlikely that your claim will be processed using the online portal system, and this means that your claim will probably take significantly longer because of the need to understand the complexities of your injuries and how they will impact your future.

The amount of time your claim takes does not necessarily affect the personal injury claim costs being accrued, as much of the time is spent in investigation by the insurer or waiting for a clear prognosis and with little activity on the part of your solicitor.

You should not worry about the legal cost involved in your case. Your solicitor will only complete the work necessary to progress your claim and whatever happens, you will not face a large legal bill at the end of your claim.

If you win your claim, most of your legal costs will be paid for by the losing party, normally an insurance company and if you win, an insurance policy will cover the legal costs of the case and will pay out these costs to the winning party.

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