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What do I do after a motorcycle accident?

after a motorcycle accidentIf you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and unsure of what to do next, CCH & Co.  can help.

Any road accident can be devastating, and as a motorcyclist, the results can be particularly severe. In 2017, statistics from the government’s Department for Transport showed that there had been 18,042 motorcyclist causalities in Great Britain, with 349 being fatal.

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and want to claim compensation, we can help. Our personal injury solicitors have a wealth of experience in dealing with claim cases for road traffic accidents. We understand the stress and anxiety you may be feeling after an accident, especially if the injuries are preventing you from going back to work. At CCH & Co., we are determined to get you the compensation you deserve – here’s what to do after a motorcycle accident.

What do I do after a motorcycle accident?

The first thing you should do once an accident has occurred is to contact the police. The police can create an impartial third-party report that you can take to your insurance company. It is important to visit the doctor even if you feel your injuries are minor. After the accident, it’s vital to make your claim as soon as possible by contacting your insurer and a lawyer. Do not act before this; if you admit liability (even if it wasn’t your fault) or offer to pay for the other person’s damages, it could impact your insurance payout. Before you begin the claims process, you should gather the necessary information needed to make a road accident claim.

What information is needed for a motorcycle injury claim?

It is essential that you have the necessary information about the accident to make a successful motorcycle injury claim. Providing your insurer and us with as much information as possible will minimise any hassle and make the claim process much easier. The necessary information includes:

  • Registration number and model of other vehicles involved
  • Names and contact details of other motorists, passengers and witnesses. Note that road users are obliged to share this information, as well as their insurance details
  • A detailed explanation of what happened, when (date and time) it happened and where the accident took place - try to include road and weather conditions
  • Photos of the aftermath
  • The injuries you have received and how it has affected your daily life

It is crucial that we understand the circumstances of your accident in detail, as this will help us to be clear about the prospects of your claim. Regarding the injuries you have received, a report from a doctor is the ideal form of proof. If needed, we can arrange a medical examination for you at a convenient time and location.

The difference between insurance company solicitors and us

When you go to your insurance company to make a compensation claim, the insurance company can provide you with a claims solicitor. You do not need to use the solicitors provided to you by your insurance company. Numerous insurance companies get their claims solicitors from law firms that operate a large number of cases and are not likely to give your case the attention that it deserves. Our experienced and professional personal injury solicitors will work in your best interest to support your case. We will work with you to understand your accident and to explain all the options available to help you move forward with your claim.

CCH & Co's personal injury solicitors can help you gain the compensation you deserve.

At CCH & Co., we have many years of experience in dealing with motorcycle accident claims, and we’ll fight your case to make sure you receive the compensation that you deserve.

As members of the British Bikers Association, these types of cases are familiar to us. Our understanding of motorcycle culture also means that we understand your position and your claim. Our team of qualified motorcycle injury solicitors will walk you through the claims process to ensure that you know how it works, and get the best compensation possible for you.

We offer an initial consultation to discuss your accident, without all the legal jargon and free of any obligations.

If you or a family member have been involved in a motorcycle accident, call CCH & Co. today on 020 8520 1021. or you can fill out our Free Online Enquiry Form.

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This post is not legal advice and should not replace professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances. It is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.

This post is not legal advice and should not replace professional advice tailored to your specific circumstances. It is intended to provide information of general interest about current legal issues.

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