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Summer: The high season for cycling accidents

Young woman lying hurt on the road with her bike and helmet at the background

It’s a joy to explore London on a bicycle in the warm summer months. Riding is fun and has tremendous benefits to one’s cardiovascular fitness, but with cyclists competing with other road users for a space on the tarmac, it also means that there are more cycling accidents reported on the road unfortunately, particularly between May and September.

Of all the cycling accidents that were reported in 2016, 80% occurred during daylight hours, 75% happened near a junction, and 75% of fatal accidents happened in urban areas. Busy junctions, heavy vehicles on the road, and a lack of awareness of cyclists means that London can be a risky place to manoeuvre on a bike.

How to prevent cycling accidents

  • Always put on a helmet, and consider other safety gear like hi-vis clothing. Although a helmet won’t prevent an accident from occurring, it will protect you should the worst happen. Encourage children to wear helmets – they might think it’s a hassle, but safety comes first. By wearing the right gear, you are setting an example for others.
  • Follow the highway code. As road users, cyclists have to obey the law, so you should educate yourself and your family.
  • Set your bike up with the right equipment. This applies to everyone, even if you only occasionally use a bike. Lights that enable other road users to see you are particularly important. You should make sure your bike has a white light fitted to the front, a red light fitted to the back, and red reflectors fitted at the rear of the bike. You should also consider yellow pedal reflectors with a belt.
  • Pay attention! Ignore your phone and avoid distractions like music or navigation apps – unless absolutely necessary. You want to be able to both see and hear your surroundings. Failing to look properly is the number one cause of accidents involving a bicycle.

CCH & Co. take road accidents seriously

CCH & Co. is the personal injury specialists in London, and have years of experience in handling claims for any accident that happens on the road, whether it’s minor or catastrophic. With CCH & Co. personal injury solicitors you will feel supported throughout the process of your personal injury claim. If you were hit by an uninsured driver, you may think you are not entitled to compensation – but CCH & Co. can also help you get compensation for uninsured road traffic accident claims.

At CCH & Co., we know that even a small injury can affect your work and daily life. If you need to cycle to work, or if you cycle as part of your job, getting injured can affect your ability to earn money as well. We do not just take into consideration the short-term costs of your injury, but whether it will affect you long-term. As serious injury solicitors we are experts in handling these cases, and can explain the process of personal injury claims to you without confusing legal jargon.

If you or someone you know have been injured in a cycling accident, don’t hesitate to contact us. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you will be able to get the compensation that you rightly deserve.

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