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Accidents at work: A Hairdresser’s Guide to Claiming Compensation

Man with injured arm claiming compensationExposed to a variety of sharp tools, cosmetic chemicals and materials, hairdressing has its workplace hazards. Hairdressers can develop allergic reactions and chronic skin conditions. They’re also likely to suffer burns from faulty equipment, repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, slip on wet floors and trip over chords. In fact, recent research from shows that as a hairdresser, you’re seven times more likely to suffer injuries from accidents at work than a carpenter.

How to claim for accidents at work?

As a hairdresser injured at work, you’re entitled to make a claim for compensation. It’s important to contact a specialist injury claim solicitor as soon as possible so you can get the best advice about what to do next.

Making a claim against your employer for your injuries may feel uncomfortable, but as long as they have insurance you won’t be claiming directly against them. Instead, your claim will be covered through the company’s insurance policy.

Job security should not be a concern either. It’s against the law for your boss to dismiss you on the basis of your claim, and it’s also their legal duty to make sure you’re provided with a safe place of work as well as reliable equipment in order to avoid accidents from occurring.

How much am I entitled to claim?

As a hairdresser who has been injured at work, you may be able to claim for general damages, for pain and suffering, for loss of amenity and for special damages like medical fees. It’s important to deal with the insurance company through a solicitor, otherwise it’s likely that you will accept a lower offer than a solicitor could have achieved for you. Talk to our expert team of workplace injury solicitors to discuss your specific circumstances and how much compensation you can receive for your accident at work.

How long do I have to make a claim?

It’s important to realise that you have up to three years after your accident to decide if you want to process your injury claim. Depending on your case, however, there might be variations, so it’s important to talk to a solicitor as soon as possible. Missing a deadline may mean you’ve lost your chance.

The accident at work solicitors you need

As fully accredited personal injury solicitors, CCH & Co. has considerable experience in dealing with workplace injury claims. We can ensure you receive the right amount of compensation and any necessary medical treatment. If you have suffered an injury following an accident at work, we offer a completely free initial enquiry.

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